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What is Feng Shui 8 Mansions?


8 Mansions Basics

A branch of the San Yuan School of Classical Feng Shui, Feng Shui 8 Mansions (Ba Zhai) focuses on the sitting direction of a building and the Gua numbers of its occupants. The skill of a consultant is to match a property and its residents.

The Eight Trigrams

Each 'Mansion' of Home 8 Mansions is one of eight types of property. Their names match those of the eight trigrams;

  • Qian,
  • Kan,
  • Gen,
  • Zhen,
  • Xun,
  • Li,
  • Kun,
  • Dui

East And West Groups

Within each property there are eight locations around the centre. There are four East Group houses and four West Group houses as well as four good and four bad locations in each 'Mansion.' Each person in Personal 8 Mansions belongs to either East Group or West Group.

8 Mansions, Going A Little Deeper

At its most basic Feng Shui 8 Mansions is one of the easier methods for the individual to apply, however like all Feng Shui systems it has many levels. Analysing and interpreting these levels, the fine tuning as it were, gives you a much deeper understanding of your property and how you fit into it.

Studying the external forms through observation of the environment allows your consultant to make recommendations on how to maximise the potential of a building for your benefit.

The element of time also plays a significant role in an accurate assessment. Each year and month, day and hour, bring a strengthening or weakening element to the Stars in each location. Identifying these interactions has a key impact in achieving a correct Feng Shui analysis.

This article has given an introduction to Feng Shui Eight Mansions, for a deeper insight: There is more here

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