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Ba Gua Or Pa Kua

The Ba Gua is an eight-sided symbol (an octagon.) Each side has many interpretations in Feng Shui. Looking at Personal 8 Mansions without taking into consideration the Home 8 Mansions is missing half the picture. In addition, directions and locations have different meanings.

To fully appreciate the depth and to maximise the potential of 8 Mansions is it first necessary to identify good and bad locations based on the sitting direction of your home. The next step is for each person to calculate their Gua number based on their year of birth.

The combination of these pieces of information determine whether you and your home are in accord. That is the first stage.

There are two incarnations of the Ba Gua. The first is known as the Early Heaven Arrangement which is predominantly concerned with Yin House Feng Shui (Feng Shui of burial sites) and the second is the Later Heaven Arrangement . It is this Later Heaven Arrangement we look at when analysing our living environment.

Modern Feng Shui interpretation of the Ba Gua focuses on what is known as the Eight Aspirations. These are eight aspects of our life experience said to be influenced through the placement of objects or the use of colours. This is not part of Classical Feng Shui practice.

In Classical Feng Shui, Eight Mansions identifies among many other things a family member; one of the Five Elements; personality traits; direction; parts of the body; shapes and tastes.

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