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Salt Water Remedy

What Is It Used For?

When the negative Flying Star known as the 5 Yellow visits a location, this sector is severely afflicted by Sha Qi (negative energy).

A salt water cure is known to be useful to suppress this negative energy.

The size of the salt water cure depends on the size of the area being negatively affected by the 5 Yellow. For a single room within a house 5kg salt is enough. For larger areas (usually office or industrial buildings) up to 200kg salt may be necessary.


SizeTypeApprox diameterSalt QuantityBrass/Copper/IronSilver
SmallOpen top container20cm - 8ins5kg6 brass/copper coinsone coin
MediumOpen top container40cm - 16ins10-12kgsee belowone coin
LargeBarrelto fit salt weight100kgiron see belowone coin

The medium size container should have 6 small brass door knobs, hinges, or similar size brass or copper. The large container should have 6 dumb bells or gym weights

How Is It Assembled?

The traditional saltwater cure can be easily made, very economically at home. The first thing to do is place the container in the correct location for the year. (The container can be anything of a suitable size including a plastic bucket-it does have to be disposed of at the end of the year).

  • Take the appropriate sized container and fill it to the brim with kitchen salt.
  • Insert 6 copper or brass coins and one silver coin (press the coins into the salt so they are just covered). The coins are purely symbolic. Note also that these are disposed of
  • Fill the container with water to the brim. (You may notice that in the process, the salt settles down).

What Happens Next?

During the first week, you will notice some activity in the container, even though it has not been touched or moved. You may notice splattering, hardening of the salt to a rock-like state, the salt or the water disappearing.


Whatever happens do what it takes to get it back to its original state by either replenishing the salt or water.

Where Do I Place It?

Wherever the 5 Yellow Star visits each year. The Chinese Year starts on February 4 and ends on February 3 and the 5 Yellow will visit a different location each year.

The salt water cure will end up looking something like the picture below. After a few days a bit of crusting can take place. All you have to do is wipe the edges and replace as much salt as necessary to refill it to the top without moving or disturbing it.

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