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8 Mansions Personal Attributes

Most people with some knowledge of Feng Shui will have heard of Personal 8 Mansions or Ming Gua. It is the most talked about of the two 8 Mansions Methods and categorises each person as either East Group or West Group.

This is further fine-tuned by a Gua number (a number between 1 and 9) based on birth date and whether they are male or female. East Group Gua are 1, 3, 4 and 9. West Group Gua are 2, 5*, 6, 7 and 8.

5* is treated differently. In the original Luo Shu Grid the number 5 Earth Star was placed in the central palace. As this has no place directly in the 8 Mansions system any person who has this number based on their birth date takes the following alternative Earth Stars.

*Male with Gua 5 receives Gua 2 energy

*Female with Gua 5 receives Gua 8 energy

Four good and four bad personal directions are attributable to each Gua.

The Gua numbers have a set place around the compass based on the original Luo Shu Grid as well as an associated element:

Gua Numbers
2South WestEarth
4South EastWood
6North WestMetal
8North EastEarth
The Special Gua '5'
5 MaleUse South WestEarth
5 FemaleUse North EastEarth

Personal Gua Numbers And Directions

Gua Number Good Directions

GuaLife GeneratingHeavenly DoctorLongevityStability
Sheng QiTian YiYan NianFu Wei
1South EastEastSouthNorth
2North EastWestNorth WestSouth West
3SouthNorthSouth EastEast
4NorthSouthEastSouth East
5 Male use 2North EastWestNorth WestSouth West
5 Female use 8South WestNorth WestWestNorth East
6WestNorth EastSouth WestNorth West
7North WestSouth WestNorth EastWest
8South WestNorth WestWestNorth East
9EastSouth EastNorthSouth

Gua Number Bad Directions

GuaBad LuckFive GhostsSix KillingsTotal Loss
Huo HaiWu GuiLiu ShaJue Ming
1WestNorth EastNorth WestSouth West
2EastSouth EastSouthNorth
3South WestNorth WestNorth EastWest
4North WestSouth WestWestNorth East
5 Male use 2EastSouth EastSouthNorth
5 Female use 8SouthNorthEastSouth East
6South EastEastNorthSouth
7NorthSouthSouth EastEast
8SouthNorthEastSouth East
9North EastWestSouth WestNorth West

The simplistic view of Personal 8 Mansions is that if you face one of your good directions and avoid one of your bad directions things will work out and by knowing your Gua number and the location it occupies around the compass you can use that location when you work and play.

In reality it is a little more complicated. Those with Gua number 1 for example. The location for 1 is the North yet in the above list North is only the fourth best direction for Gua 1. It would be helpful to them but not in every circumstance.

What would Gua 1 do if their main door was located in Jue Ming location? Move house or change office? This is where 8 Mansions Home comes in.

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