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8 Mansions Home Attributes

The 8 Mansions are not static. Each of the eight main compass locations house different Stars depending on the Sitting Direction of a property.

There is not 'one chart fits all'.

Each of the four good and four bad Stars have one of the Five Elements associated with it. Yin and Yang as well as the time factor further deepen the reading of 8 Mansions.

This means there is a much greater depth to this system than it appears on the surface.

House Trigrams

Each of the eight locations represent among many other things, a member of the family and they are identified by a trigram.

When positive or negative Qi, as indicated by the 8 Mansions chart of a house, resides in a specific location it will affect the family member involved. How much will depend on certain factors such as external (negative structures) or internal (missing corners).

The Eight Trigrams
QianSenior Male : FatherNorth Westqian or father trigram
KunSenior Female : MotherSouth Westkun or mother trigram
ZhenEldest SonEastzhen or eldest son trigram
XunEldest DaughterSouth Eastxun or eldest daughter trigram
KanMiddle SonNorthkan or middle son trigram
LiMiddle DaughterSouthli or middle daughter trigram
GenYoungest SonNorth Eastgen or youngest son trigram
DuiYoungest DaughterWestdui or youngest daughter trigram

House Location Stars

The four positive Stars are Sheng Qi (Life Generating), Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor), Yan Nian (Longevity) and Fu Wei (Stability).

The four negative Stars are Huo Hai (Bad Luck), Wu Gui (Five Ghosts), Liu Sha (Six Killings) and Jue Ming (Total Loss).

East Group Houses

KAN House faces South sits North
Sheng QiYan NianJue Ming
Tian YiKAN HouseHuo Hai
Wu GuiFu WeiLiu Sha
ZHEN House faces West sits East
Yan NianSheng QiHuo Hai
Fu WeiZHEN HouseJue Ming
Liu ShaTian YiWu Gui
XUN House faces Northwest sits Southeast
Fu WeiTian YiWu Gui
Yan NianXUN HouseLiu Sha
Jue MingSheng QiHuo Hai
LI House faces North sits South
Tian YiFu WeiLiu Sha
Sheng QiLI HouseWu Gui
Huo HaiYan NianJue Ming

West Group Houses

KUN House faces North East sits South West
Wu GuiLiu ShaFu Wei
Huo HaiKUN HouseTian Yi
Sheng QiJue MingYan Nian
QIAN House faces South East sits North West
Huo HaiJue MingYan Nian
Wu GuiQIAN HouseSheng Qi
Tian YiLiu ShaFu Wei
DUI House faces East sits West
Lui ShaWu GuiTian Yi
Jue MingDUI HouseFu Wei
Yan NianHuo HaiSheng Qi
GEN House faces South West sits North East
Jue MingHuo HaiSheng Qi
Lui ShaGEN HouseYan Nian
Fu WeiWu GuiTian Yi

The only true East Group house is one which either faces North and sits South or faces South and sits North.

The only true West Group house is one which either faces Northeast and sits Southwest or faces Southwest and sits Northeast.

All other house types either face East and sit West or face West and sit East.

Individual Attributes - Auspicious

Sheng Qi

Associated with growth the element of Sheng Qi is Wood. This Qi is interpreted as 'life force' or 'life generating'. It is an active growth Qi which, when tapped, can help an individual generate wealth or expand their business through clear thinking and astute decision making. Influence can be strengthened by utilising this positive force.

Tian Yi

This auspicious Qi is an Earth Star and in line with its nurturing nature can help with recovery from illness. It is the Star to tap into when seeking helpful people, whether it be a medical practitioner during periods of ill-health or a mentor during difficult times.

Yan Nian

This is a Metal Star which is translated as 'Longevity'. The main purpose of this Star is to enhance relationships; love, business, friends and partners. Indirectly it may improve the relationship or the communications skills of an individual. This Star may be useful for those in publicity-related professions.

Fu Wei

Another Wood Star, the Fu Wei, translates as 'Stable Seat'. It has a calming influence which makes it a good Qi to activate when undergoing periods of study or when practising meditation. Students or writers will benefit from the positive attributes of this Star.

Individual Attributes - Inauspicious

Huo Hai

Being the least troublesome of the negative Stars which translates as 'Accidents and Harm' Huo Hai is more annoying than anything else. This Earth Star causes obstructions and niggling delays to projects.

Wu Gui

This Fire Star translates as 'Five Ghosts'. Similar to the 5 Yellow this Star will bring five types of misfortune such as back-stabbing, accidents, disagreements and disloyalty. When there is a main door in its location the Qi will enter and influence and affect the whole property and its occupants.

Liu Sha

This 'Six Killings' Water Star is even more aggressive that Wu Gui. In certain instances it can bring personal injury, sometimes serious, requiring medical attention. Arguments and legal problems are also not uncommon as a result of this Star.

Jue Ming

The dreaded Jue Ming, also known as 'Life Weakening' or 'Total Loss' is the most dangerous of inauspicious Stars. At its most malevolent this Metal Star can bring the loss of livelihood; serious illness; accidents and sometimes worse. This Star is not to be ignored.

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