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Classical Feng Shui San Yuan School

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In the practice of Classical Feng Shui there are two main Schools in use today.

The San Yuan School is also known as the Three Cycles School of Feng Shui. 'San' is three and 'Yuan' is a cycle of 60 years.

This is the dynamic, Yang School incorporating methods like Eight Mansions, Flying Star Feng Shui, Dragon Gate Eight Formations (Water Formula) and Xuan Kong 64 Hexagrams.

Much of the information contained in San Yuan was derived from the Yi Jing (I Ching or the Book of Changes.) San Yuan focuses on the dimensions of time and space and how the universal Qi (energy) is constantly in motion. Time flows in cycles.

One complete Feng Shui time period covers 180 years. 3 cycles each of 60 years=9 cycles each of 20 years. The three 60-year cycles consist of the Upper, Middle and Lower periods. These three periods are further divided into three 20-year cycles. During each of the nine periods Qi has different elements, associations and meanings.

CyclePeriod20-Year CycleElementDirectionYi Jing
22064-2083EarthSouth WestSoil
Middle42104-2123WoodSouth EastWind
62144-2163MetalNorth WestHeaven
82004-2023EarthNorth EastMountain

Our current period 8 is in the middle of the Lower Period and one complete cycle of 180 years will finish at the end of period 9 in 2043.

Period 8 is an Earth element period when Earth Qi is prosperous. Period 9 (Fire element) is currently growing and will continue to strengthen as it moves nearer the changeover in 2024 when it will replace the number 8 star and become prosperous.

The strength of each of the Gua numbers is influenced by its position in the complete cycle, so for example Gua 4 and Gua 6 are weak because they are so far away from the current period.

Gua 4 is Killing Qi and Gua 6 is Dead Qi. This makes Gua 4 the most dangerous of the two.

Gua 1 is Growing Qi because, after the 9 Gua it will take its place as the period star.

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