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24 Mountains

24 Mountains in Feng Shui refer to the four cardinal and four secondary directions around the compass sub-divided into three sectors each. As an example South1, South2 and South3 (S1, S2, S3.)

Each of these sectors covers 15o on the compass (S1=157.6 o-172.5 o; S2=172.6 o-187.5 o and S3=187.6 o-202.5 o.)

In the central secondary directions NW2, NE2, SE2 and SW2 the trigram of the area is added; Qian-Senior Male-Metal (NW), Gen-Youngest Son-Earth (NE), Xun-Eldest Daughter-Wood (SE) and Kun-Senior Female-Earth (SW.) These are the only trigrams used in 24 Mountains.

The central cardinal directions house the Chinese astrological animals of the location. N2 (Zi-Rat), E2 (Mao-Rabbit), S2 (Wu-Horse) and W2 (You-Rooster.)

On either side of the cardinal directions N1, N3, E1, E3, S1, S3, W1 and W3 the Yang and Yin variants of the Five Elements reside.

DirectionNameYin or YangElement

Finally, on either side of the secondary directions NW1, NW3, NE1, NE3, SE1, SE3, SW1 and SW3 the remaining astrological animals take their rightful places.

DirectionNameYin or YangElement

In additional to these direction there are also what is known as Death and Emptiness Lines located around the compass.

They are the directions where Qi is missing or unstable and the residents of properties with a main door facing these directions are more likely to suffer from ill-health, difficulty in acquiring wealth, business downturns and relationship issues.

They are located in the four Main Cardinal directions (0o. 90 o. 180 o and 270 o.) Major Death and Emptiness Lines are located on either side of the remaining animal locations (22.5o, 67.5 o, 112.5o, 157.5o, 202.5o, 247.5 o, 292.5 o and 337.5 o.)

Finally there are also Minor Death and Emptiness Lines separating each of the 24 Mountains located at 150 points around the compass. These Minor Lines are troublesome however not as serious as the Main Cardinal and Major Lines.

Whether a consultant is using Eight Mansions or Flying Stars methods of Feng Shui the Luo Pan Compass, which incorporates a 24 Mountains ring, is used to accurately pinpoint these directions.

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