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Feng Shui 8 Mansions

What is it that we offer at Feng Shui 8 Mansions?

The strength of Classical Feng Shui combined with a modern twist based around each individual circumstance, whether in the home or business world. With the growing popularity of both Classical Feng Shui and its modern counterpart, the skill of your Feng Shui Consultant is to blend both methods into a conclusion that will bring you optimal results in your personal and professional lives.

Classical Feng Shui

Classical Feng Shui works with the quality of Qi and it blends seamlessly into our modern environment. Its knowledge is as relevant in the 21st Century as it was at its source. Modern Feng Shui focuses mainly on internal Qi and its influence immediately in and around a property.

Two of the popular systems of Feng Shui practised by both Classical and Modern Feng Shui practitioners alike are Eight Mansions, which is based around the sitting direction of a property and Xuan Kong Flying Stars, a method which focuses on the dimension of time.

These systems belongs to the San Yuan School; one of the two 'founding members' of Feng Shui. San Yuan is Yang and deals with time and the ever-changing quality of Qi in our environment. It is best suited to faster short-term results.

Why a Consultation?

Whether you are planning a house or office move, refurbishing an existing property, or building your own home or commercial property having a Feng Shui Consultation with FS8M offers you the opportunity to lay the foundations for a happy and successful future.

Four Pillars of Destiny and Date Selection serve to personalise your Feng Shui Consultation providing the best possible solution and timescale to suit your particular objectives and desires.

Following the conclusion of your consultation FS8M provides you with a comprehensive report (its content will depend on the type of audit being conducted) incorporating all aspects of the audit for your retention and subsequent action.


From: Mr A. Cape Town, South Africa (February 2015)

Hi Lynda

I just want to thank u for a wonderfull service rended,U where very caring and considerate person,to me it was like comunicating with a friend,after implementing the cures u advise,within 3 days I got a job,what made it fantastic this was a longdistance Konsultation

Any Consultation or Report Questions?

We support all our clients fully from the initial consultation to interpreting the report. If you are unsure regarding any aspect of the report we are always here to answer your questions - either by email or Skype.

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